It’s Going To Be Fine

It’s going to be alright.

It gets better.

Nothing lasts forever.

You’ll make it through this.

Don’t worry.

I’m having some more issues with my hostel right now. The lady that helped me get in the first time all of a sudden said that I shouldn’t be allowed into the hostel but the security guards were nice enough to let me in. Thank God.

But they said I have to leave really early tomorrow so the woman doesn’t see me.

The thing with the hostel is… I keep on alluding to it but it’s best to write it in another post when I’m in a better mood (and everything has been resolved by God’s grace. I get really religious when I’m worries.)

So right now I’m trying to not to freak out because I keep on imagining all the ways it could go (best case scenario: this hostel issue is resolved once and for all. Worst case: it becomes a big deal and I could get banned from the hostel. Unbelievable case scenario: I get rusticated.)

Worrying never helped though. So I’m just going to focus on the positive aspects

  • WiFi is back on
  • I’m eating a really nice dinner
  • I worked out today
  • I got the results for two of my papers and I got an A and a B

and I’m going to maybe watch a movie or take a shower and try my best not to worry about this.

Whatever happens, happens.

But oh goodness I hope it’s good.

What situation were you in that seemed absolutely horrible? How did you fare in it? Please share; it’ll make me feel a lot better about this. Thanks.


Does anyone else ever get tired? Like… I don’t know how to describe it. But like you don’t want to do anything but what you’re already doing.

Like I had a lot of plans today.

I was going to

  1. Get leotard for a photo shoot tomorrow
  2. Practice yoga when I got back
  3. Do my course registration

And these aren’t even hard things. But then I went out this morning and when I got back I had problems getting into hostel (it’s a really long story so I’ll type it in another blog post when I’m feeling up to it) so I did try to do my course registration. I ended up waiting for my course adviser for about an hour but he never showed.

So I decided to try my luck on getting back into hostel. As I was heading back, I bumped into my friend so we went to get lunch. Then I managed to get back into hostel but I couldn’t leave again because I didn’t want to risk another run-in with the porters.

I did practice yoga for about 10 minutes but then I gave up because I wasn’t really feeling up to it.

Technically, I attempted everything on my to-do list but I didn’t actually achieve anything.

Now, I’m wallowing in bed, watching YouTube videos and starving because I ate over 8 hours ago and I can’t go out to buy food because I may not be able to enter the hostel again and I can’t even have a pity party because what’s a party without food?!

And I feel kinda lazy even though I know all of this isn’t my fault (I mean the hostel thing is kinda my fault… I’ll talk about it later)

So, to make myself feel better, I shall make a list of things I’m doing now that make me happy:

  • My roommates aren’t around so I have the whole room to myself
  • Funny YouTube videos (sWooZie, Paint and JelloApocalypse are the ones I’m watching right now)
  • Drarry fanfiction
  • Really good music on 8Tracks
  • Great aesthetics on Tumblr
  • I can access Instagram on my laptop so I’m not missing out on as much as I thought I would
  • Free WiFi which makes all this possible
  • I get to do a shoot and have a free lunch and see my ssiter so I’m really looking forward to all that
  • MyTrendingStories wrote to me on the blogging thing and I think it’s a great idea and I’d love to join in

Yup. Pretty great.

Also, two posts in one day. Go me!

What are you doing right now? How was your day? Do tell me all about it?

Pros & Cons/ Alternatives to Having a Phone

Being honest with yourself, while very rewarding, totally sucks. Especially when you’re not completely fault-free.

I mentioned in the previous post how my phone got seized due to my ‘addiction’.

Of course I was extremely bummed out about it and I had plans to be all passive aggressive towards my parents because of this.

Anyone of you guys ever envision really weird scenarios in your head when your parents piss you off?

Because, for some reason, I kept imagining the bus crashing and I’m very near death and I try to call my parents for parting last words but, oh wait look at that! No phone. Then I manage to scrawl “It’s because I didn’t have a phone” on the ground with my dying breath.

Yeah. That’ll show them.

It’s so weird because whenever I’m annoyed at my parents I never picture them getting hurt or anything, it’s usually me being injured or dying or something. Guess I know that would probably hurt them more. Which is kinda cute when you think about it. But anyway.

The bus ride was rather long so I had a lot of time to get all my frustrations out and really access the situation.

Did I spend more time on my phone than necessary? Yes.

Did spending time on my phone affect other areas of my life negatively? Yes.

Am I glad that my phone got seized? Still no.

Like even though I realize it’s for the best, I’m still pretty peeved about it.

I came up with a list of alternatives to phones and the pros and cons of having a phone so I shall list them out below, in case it proves useful to anyone.

Stuff I need a phone for/Alternative

  1. Class group chat/ New phone?
  2. Making calls/ Other phone
  3. Instagram/ New phone?
  4. Blogging/ Laptop
  5. Music/ Other phone
  6. When I’m outside and it’s awkward/ Go inside
  7. Games/ Pssh.
  8. Fanfiction/ Other phone
  9. Research/ Laptop
  10. Bank alerts/ Check ATM
  11. Alarm/ Other phone
  12. Camera/ Digital camera
  13. Memos/ Write it down
  14. General internet/ Laptop
  15. Mobile transfer/ … online maybe? Or open an account in school
  16. Google Maps/ You know very well you don’t need this.
  17. Distraction and time pass/ Talk to people… okay, read books.

So yeah, I do have another phone. But it’s really the most basic type of phone. You can make calls, send messages and access the internet. That’s it. And not even like actual internet. Just Google.

Anyhoo, let’s move on from my 1st World Problems to the Pros and Cons List.

I shall write out the Pros and Cons in manner of the floating shoulder Angel and Demon conscience thing in cartoons.

Pros Cons

  • Less distractions  Boredom
  • Able to interact with people more  Cannot interact with people
  • Experience outside world  Outside world sucks
  • “You’re not really helping”  “Well it’s true”
  • Dedicate time to doing other thing  “… yeah, okay”
  • Might boost social interaction  Downgrades social network
  • Will look smart when reading hardcover books in public  Hardcover books cost money
  • Might help your eyes  Eyes are probably irreparable at this point
  • Get a new hobby  Can’t think of any new hobbies
  • “Well think harder, ya git.”  “Yeah, whatever.”
  • Improve academic work  “…dass tru”

So I’m trying to be a little trooper and focus on only the positive aspects.It hasn’t been that tough really but then again it’s only been a day. We’ll see how it goes.

Do you have any other alternatives/pros or cons to having a phone? Let me know in the comments.

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Back To School

Thanks to the ever-so-jumbled academic curriculum over here, while everyone else is talking about their summer, I’m heading back to school.
It’s nearly 6 am over here and I’m about to get a bus to take me cross-country to Lagos, the state my school is in, which is nearly 9 hours away from Port Harcourt, the city I’m in.
Anyway, as I’m heading back to school I – like most people – have a general idea of the things I want to achieve.
Now they’re rather idealistic in that  if I could actually do them all, it would be great growth and development in general for me as a person.
But life has a funny way of trying to stunt that growth.
I’ll just list out some of them anyway so if they do work out, yay for me.
1. Practice Yoga everyday.
2. Keep up this skin care routine because it’s very much working.
3. Attend more of the volunteer readers programme.
4. Maybe reconnect with the Press Club again.
5. Fix guitar and actually learn how to play it this time.
So those are just some general things.
I was going to put “Boost GPA” on the list but that’s really the main point of school so there’s no need to put it on there.
Oh yeah, new development. My parents are seizing my phone because, apparently, I’m ‘addicted’  so I’m not going to have a post this semester. So probably no new updates.
That’ll be all for a while.
Bye guys.

Customer Service

I have this habit of backtracking on things that happen to me in my mind. I handle the situation one way then wish I’d handled it another.
Like “Ugh, I should have totally said something” or “I shouldn’t have even said anything in the first place.”
Case in point:
I go out with my friend and we’re contemplating what to order. The lady at the counter shows up suddenly and it goes down like this.
Lady: What do you want?
Me: I’d like the hot dog and er… You wanted the chicken pie right?
Yvonne (my friend): Yeah the chicken pie
Lady: We don’t have chicken pie. That’s fish pie.
Yvonne: Eurgh, I don’t want fish pie.
Me (to Yvonne): What about the ham and egg sandwich?
Lady: Ugh. Let me know when you’ve made up your mind.
And she walks away.
Like okay hold up.
First of all, we didn’t call you over in the first place. Secondly, excuse us for going over our options. Thirdly, rude much.
I’m not one of those people that demand service with a smile or whatever but I do expect a reciprocal amount of courtesy. I get it; the job is stressful.
I’ve worked in clientele service before. Sometimes you get annoying clients. Sometimes you’re not having a good day and you’re not feeling up to people. But what people don’t realise is that that’s part of life. Welcome to the club buddy.
I don’t like interacting with people much but I did it because, and pay close attention here, that was my job.
I chose that line of work and I had a responsibility to uphold it to the best of my ability.
Sure, times are tough and the job you have may not be the job you want but is you being salty to customers going to make it any better?
Anyway, I walked out of the restaurant because I was not about to deal with that attitude (also we’d just had tea and biscuits so we were just being greedy, really.) My friend stayed back and gave her a piece of her mind though.
It sucks that you have to deal with asshole customers but consider that there’s probably a reason they’re acting terrible. Maybe their boss is a jerk or they also had to deal with horrible clients or they have problems at home. Or maybe they’re just jerks for no reason.
The point is if you start acting like you’re displeased with your job and getting rude to customers, you’re the one who’s going to be faulted.
It’s not fair, yes, because goodness knows there are some people who deserve a good talking back to but, unfortunately, that might get you fired. It’s all part of this daily rollercoaster that is life.
Of course there are subtle ways to get back at customers but I hope you’d be above that. I’m not saying spit in their food or anything (that’s over-the-top repulsive. And unsanitary. And nasty. Ugh). But a little time delay here, a little uneccesary paperwork there, all with a smile of course. It’s petty but sometimes it helps.
Anyway, this post was originally supposed to be about looking back on situations but I digressed so I ended up changing the topic.

Do you have a job? Do you ever have to deal with people that are rude or when you’re not in a good mood? How do you handle it?

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Haven’t You Noticed I’m A Star

I can’t help it if I make a scene
Stepping out of my hot pink limousine
I’m turning heads and I’m stopping traffic
When I pose, they scream
And when I joke, they laugh
I got a pair of eyes that they’re getting lost in
They’re hyptonised by the way I’m walking
I got ’em dazzled like a stage magician
When I point, they look
And when I talk, they listen
Well everybody needs a friend
And I’ve got you and you and you
So many I can’t even name them
Can you blame me, I’m too famous
Haven’t you noticed that I’m a star
I’m coming into view as the world is turning
Haven’t you noticed I made it this far
Now everyone can see me burning
Now everyone can see me burning
Now everyone can see me burning

This song is my anthem!
It’s by Sadie from Steven Universe.
I get really uncomfortable going out without my headphones on because it’s much harder to ignore people if they know you can hear them. But that’s a post for another time.
So to boost my confidence, I hum songs to myself or sometimes even sing aloud. And this song is my favourite right now.
The lyrics make me feel like the world is my runway so of course they’re staring at me. Honey, have you seen me?
So yeah. Huge confidence booster.
I tend to sway a bit at the “hypnotized by the way I’m walking” part but really it just adds to my slay.
And of course people don’t usually approach a girl who is singing and dancing to no music so double win.

Do you ever feel uncomfortable in public? How do you deal with it?

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I Know What I Did Today

I hardly ever make posts about my daily life because it’s really nothing to write about.
If I did, most entries would probably read like:
– Woke up
– Checked phone
– Got out of bed
– Brushed
– Took a shower
– Ate
– Phone
– Laptop
– Phone
– Ate
– Phone
– Sleep
And repeat. Not terribly exciting.
But today I hung out with my friend Yvonne. She’s basically the only friend I have in Port Harcourt right now and she has a job so our schedules hardly line up what with her being so busy and me doing nothing at all ever. Well today it all worked out.
So I met her at the arcade in the mall, then we walked down to this delightful Bookshop/Cafe called Books On The Loose (BOTL).
What I absolutely adore about this place is that it’s so chill. We come there all the time so they basically know us and it’s not like we buy stuff regularly (like once in every three visits), but they don’t even fuss.
And they don’t follow us around the entire shop and monitor our every move.
I hate when shop people do that!
“Can I help you?”
“Are you looking for something specific?”
“Well if you like that, you’re going to love this!”
Ugh, can you carry your concern and helpful suggestions away and go do your job somewhere else. Because it’s always so awkward when I have to go “I’m just browsing.” and their face changes to the “She’s not going to buy anything” mix of disapproval and exasperation. Don’t judge me.
Shopping would be a lot less stressful if the assistants would wait until you called them.
But anyway, back to the outing.





I just love the entire cosy look going on.
And I found a replica of the Sorting Hat! I was like “Whaaaaaaa?”. So of course I had to put it on and take a bazillion pictures.


Yvonne laid down on the floor to take this picture. #GoodFriend



I'm obviously in Ravenclaw. What are you taking so long for.

Then we loitered a bit more and had fun with the merchandise.


What plan for world domination shall I write first?


Oh yes, that's a good one


With this notebook, I shall take over the world!

And then we had tea because we’re classy and hipster like that.
I wanted hot chocolate but it was cheaper to split the tea so tea it was.


So many mugs!


Look at this coffee table.


Apple Loves Mint tea and Wooden Spoon's Almond biscuits


We can Hipster with the best of them.

So all in all, pretty good day.
Then I got home and loosened my braids so my hair is all twisty and stuff. I’d post a picture but… I’m lazy.
That’s all folks.

What did you do today?

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Be Yourself

“Be yourself,” they tell me
And I try my best to be
But when I’m myself
It seems that my self
Is not the self they mean.

“Be yourself,” they say
But what else could I be
I say this is me
But they don’t agree
“Be who we tell you be.”

About Readers and Followers

I get really excited when people follow me and even more when people comment on my work.
“An actual human being has read something I wrote and they like it.”
I would prefer 100 followers who I interact with to 1000 followers who I don’t (if I’m being honest, I would prefer a 1000 followers who I interact with but my mind cannot handle such a level of social interaction).
Followers are more than just a number on a page. They are people with stories and memories and hopes and dreams and lives.
I want to use this medium to appreciate everyone who follows me and those who actually read my posts and like them and even comment on them! I think the commenters are my favorite.
I don’t want to have followers just so that when people open my blog they’ll be impressed by the high number (that’s what Instagram is for #ShamelessSelfInsert)
I don’t seek approval from others or need the approval of others to be happy but I do want the approval of others to be happier. I’m not going to lie; I like attention.
It bothers me when a post has a lot more likes than views. I’m not really into the number aspect (not that I’m turning down any likes. Please keep ’em coming) and I would much rather know people are actually reading what I write. 
A good way to boost your blog is to interact with people. But try to remember that people aren’t just there for your benefit. If you want someone to read your posts, the least you can do is read theirs as well.
I follow tags that interest me (such as blog, teen, writing etc) and I try to only like posts that I’ve read and I try to make my comments as thoughtful as possible.
I’ve met a lot of new people and discovered some rather interesting blogs which has made this whole blogging thing far more exciting.
I always endeavour to comment on every first post by a new blog.
I’m not doing this because I want more traffic on my blog (But it does generate a lot of traffic); I’m doing it because I know how it felt when I was new to blogging (all of two months ago. Aren’t I ancient.) and my posts got basically no response.

What matters more to you? Followers, views, comments or likes?

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