This Bed

This bed is a tangle of bodies
The bodies that lay on this bed
On this bed we’ve laid
A tangle we’ve made
A tangle we lay on this bed


9 thoughts on “This Bed

  1. Azura Skies says:

    Haha, suree!

    So like you just, each time you re-read the words, your mind likes to take on different perspectives and interpretations of the poem. But the first time i read this, I thought about unity.
    Unity is when two or more things come together and form one. So when you talked about their being a tangle of bodies on the bed, I thought about how unity doesn’t always have to be tidy, organised, or in any particular order. As long as you’re working together, that’s when unity can exists.

    Haha, I don’t know why I really thought of thaaaat, but that’s what first came into my head aha xx

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      • sophiabuck says:

        The simplicity of the poem, and the fact that you use similar words over and over again in different ways really creates a deeper meaning in that we are brought together through amalgamation and understanding each other really well. I think (as Skye said) that as you re-read the poem, different things pop up that you didn’t notice the previous time, and that’s what is beautiful about it!

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