Pros & Cons/ Alternatives to Having a Phone

Being honest with yourself, while very rewarding, totally sucks. Especially when you’re not completely fault-free.

I mentioned in the previous post how my phone got seized due to my ‘addiction’.

Of course I was extremely bummed out about it and I had plans to be all passive aggressive towards my parents because of this.

Anyone of you guys ever envision really weird scenarios in your head when your parents piss you off?

Because, for some reason, I kept imagining the bus crashing and I’m very near death and I try to call my parents for parting last words but, oh wait look at that! No phone. Then I manage to scrawl “It’s because I didn’t have a phone” on the ground with my dying breath.

Yeah. That’ll show them.

It’s so weird because whenever I’m annoyed at my parents I never picture them getting hurt or anything, it’s usually me being injured or dying or something. Guess I know that would probably hurt them more. Which is kinda cute when you think about it. But anyway.

The bus ride was rather long so I had a lot of time to get all my frustrations out and really access the situation.

Did I spend more time on my phone than necessary? Yes.

Did spending time on my phone affect other areas of my life negatively? Yes.

Am I glad that my phone got seized? Still no.

Like even though I realize it’s for the best, I’m still pretty peeved about it.

I came up with a list of alternatives to phones and the pros and cons of having a phone so I shall list them out below, in case it proves useful to anyone.

Stuff I need a phone for/Alternative

  1. Class group chat/ New phone?
  2. Making calls/ Other phone
  3. Instagram/ New phone?
  4. Blogging/ Laptop
  5. Music/ Other phone
  6. When I’m outside and it’s awkward/ Go inside
  7. Games/ Pssh.
  8. Fanfiction/ Other phone
  9. Research/ Laptop
  10. Bank alerts/ Check ATM
  11. Alarm/ Other phone
  12. Camera/ Digital camera
  13. Memos/ Write it down
  14. General internet/ Laptop
  15. Mobile transfer/ … online maybe? Or open an account in school
  16. Google Maps/ You know very well you don’t need this.
  17. Distraction and time pass/ Talk to people… okay, read books.

So yeah, I do have another phone. But it’s really the most basic type of phone. You can make calls, send messages and access the internet. That’s it. And not even like actual internet. Just Google.

Anyhoo, let’s move on from my 1st World Problems to the Pros and Cons List.

I shall write out the Pros and Cons in manner of the floating shoulder Angel and Demon conscience thing in cartoons.

Pros Cons

  • Less distractions  Boredom
  • Able to interact with people more  Cannot interact with people
  • Experience outside world  Outside world sucks
  • “You’re not really helping”  “Well it’s true”
  • Dedicate time to doing other thing  “… yeah, okay”
  • Might boost social interaction  Downgrades social network
  • Will look smart when reading hardcover books in public  Hardcover books cost money
  • Might help your eyes  Eyes are probably irreparable at this point
  • Get a new hobby  Can’t think of any new hobbies
  • “Well think harder, ya git.”  “Yeah, whatever.”
  • Improve academic work  “…dass tru”

So I’m trying to be a little trooper and focus on only the positive aspects.It hasn’t been that tough really but then again it’s only been a day. We’ll see how it goes.

Do you have any other alternatives/pros or cons to having a phone? Let me know in the comments.

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