It’s Going To Be Fine

It’s going to be alright.

It gets better.

Nothing lasts forever.

You’ll make it through this.

Don’t worry.

I’m having some more issues with my hostel right now. The lady that helped me get in the first time all of a sudden said that I shouldn’t be allowed into the hostel but the security guards were nice enough to let me in. Thank God.

But they said I have to leave really early tomorrow so the woman doesn’t see me.

The thing with the hostel is… I keep on alluding to it but it’s best to write it in another post when I’m in a better mood (and everything has been resolved by God’s grace. I get really religious when I’m worries.)

So right now I’m trying to not to freak out because I keep on imagining all the ways it could go (best case scenario: this hostel issue is resolved once and for all. Worst case: it becomes a big deal and I could get banned from the hostel. Unbelievable case scenario: I get rusticated.)

Worrying never helped though. So I’m just going to focus on the positive aspects

  • WiFi is back on
  • I’m eating a really nice dinner
  • I worked out today
  • I got the results for two of my papers and I got an A and a B

and I’m going to maybe watch a movie or take a shower and try my best not to worry about this.

Whatever happens, happens.

But oh goodness I hope it’s good.

What situation were you in that seemed absolutely horrible? How did you fare in it? Please share; it’ll make me feel a lot better about this. Thanks.


7 thoughts on “It’s Going To Be Fine

  1. jassminehw says:

    Although my situation is not relate-able on here (Its that deep Just had to comment and encourage that your most peaceable option is definitely God. I screamed, got mad, got really agitated and even teared in mine. I just felt overwhelmed with emotion, so i took it else where and laid it at God. An honest how i felt conversation (no dramatics) he already is aware of how deep in u are or how much it affects you. By the time i was through…i felt so light and too sure that weight was off. so Imma sit back, relax and watch how he chooses to sort it out. It,l all work out together for your good okay? No matter what. Stay positive and thankful despite. Cheers!

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  2. Zoe says:

    Hostel issues huh, Lol. I totally can relate to the situation you’re in. (Sorry I laughed tho, it just reminds me of my undergraduate days).

    Don’t worry jare, porters will always be porters, Hostel women will always have personal beef for the hostellers (that are actually getting an education and have years ahead of them to achieve).
    Your situation reminds me of a similar one I was faced with in Uniben, Hall 1 to be precise. Lol.

    Just lay low for now dearie, come out when the coast is clear. The whole fuss about illegal occupancy( if i’m right) will die down and you’ll be a free girl once again.

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