I Could. But I’m Good.

It’s Friday night and I’m using my laptop, wearing a shirt and nothing else.

My friends are off living exciting lives, going to parties and family gatherings and making plans.

And I’m watching them get dressed and make arrangements and I’m thinking “I could do this. I’m young. I could have fun. I could go out there and make memories.”

I’m the type of person that always gives out advice like “Go for it!” and “Live while you’re young!” and “Remember, don’t wonder.”

That’s great and all, and I do like to follow my own advice. I’m all for new opportunities and what not. Large gatherings aren’t really my forte but I do give them a whirl once in a while.

The thing is, I’m a fun person. I can make memories and plans some other day. I’ll get dressed and be excited and go places and discover new things.

But right now, I’m going to binge watch Family Guy, hopefully get some studying done and, at some point later this night, gorge on milk and cookies.

Sure it’s not exciting. But it feels pretty great.

Not everyday is going to be the best day of your life. You can be as adventurous as the best of them but, at some point, you’ll need to calm down and reflect.

I tend to reflect more than I adventure but I’m okay with that. In the future, I will go out more.

It’s okay to not live your life to the fullest right now so long as you’re living it best as you can.

You can want to travel and see the world and go sky diving and bungee jumping and mountain climbing and deep sea diving and still go ahead and get an education and make long term goals.

You need to make the time right, not wait for the right time.

It may sound contradicting because I may as well make tonight the right time but I’m also a student in the university and I do have to sort out my priorities.

I saw a quote that went “You can retake a test but you can’t retake a party”. That’s true. However, I would rather pass all the tests the first time around and party when I’m done. There will always be another party and another outing and more Snapchats and pictures on Instagram but there is a certain limit to how many times you can fail a course.

As much as I want to live my life, I also want to have a life to live.

So tonight I was feeling like “Could I be doing more with my life?”

Yes. I could. But I’m good.

What are you doing right now? Would you rather have all the excitement in the world or be content? Let me know in the comments.

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12 thoughts on “I Could. But I’m Good.

  1. Aley says:

    I have lived my life content and despite not going to parties and focusing on feeling good for myself I have a great time of it. I have my little adventures, going to a fair or shopping for something like end tables, and then I hole up in my life again and continue my steady march to contentedness

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  2. Zineb says:

    I love this. I’m not an outgoing person and I only went to a party once, it was last year and it was my very first time and although it took me a while to ease up, I still enjoyed myself. And to be honest, I’m glad that I could cherish the memory of just one party that I really had fun in, instead of going to so many just for the sake of doing what people my age do and not being able to remember what actually went down over there. Thank you so much for this post, it’s a wonderful reminder that so many people need. :]

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  3. The Champs Elisé says:

    I feel like that right now- I go on snapchat and see stories of people going out and boasting about the great time that they’re having, but I’m pretty content to just recover from a busy week and binge on Netflix 😛 I think you always need to have a ki

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    • Jemima says:

      Exactly. Like socialising is good and all but me-time is also very important.
      Also, you’d think WordPress would have installed a ‘delete’ or ‘edit comment’ option but apparently not.


  4. Khei says:

    We’re totally on the same boat. Not a party-goer but I went to a few parties when I was in college… mostly important events like birthday of my bestfriend or family. I had aced every exams and even became the top of national licensure examination 🙂 Then, I realized that reading books and staying at home was worth it rather than get wasted on a school weekday!


    • Jemima says:

      Wow! You’re smart. Go you!
      I hope I can say the same when I’m done with college.
      Exactly! Frankly, alcohol tastes disgusting to me and why would you willingly want to lose control and have a hangover? I just don’t get it.
      Then again, I don’t like coffee so maybe it’s just me.


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