My Opinion Or Yours? 

This one time, a friend of mine was using a charger belonging to someone else and she accidentally spoiled it. So she immediately bought another one. 

But then the owner of the charger wouldn’t accept the new one. Her reasoning was “In my church, we’re not supposed to collect replacements. We forgive and move on.”

And my friend is like “Well we believe that you should do whatever you can to right your wrongs. So I have to give you the charger.”

Honestly speaking, I found the whole thing stupid and unnecessary. I mean it was just a charger. If I’d spoilt it and the person wanted a new one, then fine. If someone spoilt my charger, I wouldn’t demand a new one but I wouldn’t reject one either. But that’s besides the point. 

What I want to know is, what do you do when your choices or beliefs directly contradict someone else’s? 

Like, neither of you are wrong from a legal or moral standpoint; you just happen to have contrasting stances. 

Do you respect their choice or stand firm to yours if no compromise can be reached? 

Let me know in the comments. 


8 thoughts on “My Opinion Or Yours? 

  1. Paul says:

    Interesting scenario. If I had to replace someone’s charger and they rejected it, I’d probably leave it in their mailbox and let them do what they want with it. But if they were adamant that they didn’t want it, maybe I’d return it.


  2. The Butterfly Girl says:

    That’s an interesting story. I like to think I respect other people’s beliefs. I don’t particularly have any really strong religious beliefs myself, so in a situation like that, then I’d probably just go along with theirs, out of respect.

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  3. avinamdar says:

    You can argue with logic, with faith and beliefs you cannot. If the person is willing to have a discussion, then whoever has the better logic to their argument, I’d go with that.

    But if they are adamant in their belief, not accepting logic as a part of the decision. Then I would let them have it their way.

    Why? Because my personal beliefs are my own, I do not insist that others live accordingly. They don’t want the charger then fine. I offered the replacement as a matter of principle. They refuse, then I accept and move on as a matter of respect to humanity.

    Rather than fight over religious beliefs, I’d rather protect my humanity and compromise. As long as it doesn’t involve doing the wrong thing as a human.


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