I’m back…? 

So it’s safe to say it’s been a while. School, life, laziness: the usual excuses. 

This post is a tad bleaker than my usual style so if you’d rather something more upbeat, check out my previous post

I actually started my holiday about two weeks ago and I’ve been slowly getting acquainted with the blogging world again. Because the truth is blogging requires the most efforts out of all social networks. Sometimes I actually get overwhelmed and have to dip myself in the Instagram pool or take a walk through Snapchat Lane. I’m trying anyway. 

The thing about blogging is that it really helps you connect, y’know. I think, right now, my favorite part of blogging is interacting with people. Reading their stories and seeing things from their perspectives… well it’s a nice journey anyway. 

I used to love writing but unfortunately I have been feeling no motivation or inspiration lately. I had plans to publish a collection of short stories at the beginning of the year but all that amounted to naught. Sure I could pull it off if I started now but… I just can’t. 

Sigh, I don’t know. Sometimes it just feels like too much but at the same time not enough. And I do not like feeling like that because I like being cheerful. I’m always saying “the only way to feel bad about something is to let yourself feel bad” and I’m trying not to let myself but it seems I’m not a very cooperative person. 

Well that’s enough melancholy for one post. And I do feel better writing about it so that helped.

What about you? How are you feeling today? 


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