What’s Your Passion? 

I have this problem with writing about things I like. Like things I really like. Even writing this post is proving to be a challenge so I’m just going to write whatever comes to mind so pardon the word vomit. I might edit it when I’m done but I’m going to try not to remove anything because I have a tendency to do that. 

Alright, let’s get back on track. I’m proud to say I have a lot of interests and they are rather varying and delightful. And I also like the fact that I have things I’m interested in because they’re part of what form me as a person. 

Unfortunately, I have a problem with gushing about things. In real life? Nope, no problem there. I’d rather drive people to the brink of nausea than stop talking about things I love. 

On my blog? That’s a bit harder. 

I think the reason is because I feel I won’t do justice to it. Like there’s this absolutely amazing thing that brings me joy and happiness and unimaginable feelings and you expect me to be able to put all that into words? C’est impossible! 

And I think there’s also another minor part of me that feels that people won’t like it or maybe there’ll be people who like it more than me and they’ll criticise me because I have no idea what I’m talking about. And I hate that. The feeling, not the people. Because I’m literally always saying “Write for you and no one else” yet here I am bothering about people’s opinions. 

I love when people are talking about their passions because their eyes just light up and they get very expressive and emotional and you know, you can just tell, that this is something important to them. 

Neville Longbottom comes to mind strangely enough. Like everybody else was so gung ho about Quidditch and the Boy Who Lived and all what not but Neville was just this quiet little boy who loved plants. And that didn’t define him but it definitely gave him character. Like I can just imagine Neville in the common room going on about the benefits of this particular plant against another and maybe everybody is just rolling their eyes because “Yeah, we know, Neville. You’ve said this a million times.” But then someone, just one person, shows a bit of interest and Neville just lights the heck up because here’s someone who cares, who wants to listen to what I have to say and you just know there’s going to be a lot of it.

That’s what I love about passion. You can never be angry or sad when you’re talking about things you love. And unlike people or animals, your interest is going to leave you or die or anything because it’s probably infinite and maybe this isn’t a comforting thought to some but to me it’s brilliant to think that even when I die, something I love just goes on forever. Even if I’m not there to experience it, I’d like to believe a part of me lingers on in it. 

So anyway the point of this post is to say that I’m going to start writing about things I like. I like reading other people’s posts about their day or their lives and all that because a major part of why I joined the blogging community is to experience things from all over the world. Even if I can’t go there or see these places, I can step into someone else’s life for just a post and that’s pretty amazing. 

Anyway, it’s 12 Am and I’m just writing this without any form of structure or what so I might read this later and hate it but I will try not to edit it because I was really trying to be as raw as I possibly could on this post. 

So I’m going to post this now. 

Tell me something you love. Anything at all. And, please, go on at length about it. I want to hear all about it. 


20 thoughts on “What’s Your Passion? 

  1. crazykatya says:

    I love the snow. That amazing silence that comes with that beautiful white cover. When I was little I lived in a land with snow. I love the creaking noise that thick snow makes under your boots. The feeling of falling into the deep powder. Following footsteps left by an unknown creature. It blows my mind to think that each one of the minute snowflakes is completely unique.

    Just rambling here as well, but gosh I sure miss the snow this time of year! And also I miss skiing all the time.

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    • Jemima says:

      Oh that sounds amazing. I’ve never seen snow before but I imagine it would be beautiful. And the fact that each one is unique blows my mind. I want to enjoy all the little things about snow; snow angels, snow fights, snowmen and snowy nights. Snow forts and igloos and hot chocolate while you’re watching the snow fall.
      Sigh, bliss

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  2. lequillah says:

    I love words. I love how they can be put together and broken a part to say whatever or doesn’t need to be said. They mean so much to everyone. People say they don’t listen to words, they’d rather see action, but I don’t believe that. Words give us hope and build us up to respond to actions. Words are sooooo beautiful and we all need them.

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    • Jemima says:

      Words are beautiful! I love how you can rearrange 26 letters and just end up with this array of multiple possibilities.
      I love people that have the power to make their words actually say something. Because anyone can use words but it takes a certain type of person to make the words mean something.

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  3. Iridescence says:

    I love sharing. I used to be a loner and am still an introvert, but I love talking and sharing things about myself or my day. If the other person listens, I can keep a conversation going by asking a lot of questions and volunteering information. I always wish I was in a relationship so the guy has signed up for this and I would just keep talking and making conversation flow. But y doesn’t work that way. I feel as if I’m troubling my friends if I talk a lot (a remnant of my old self) and am actually very shy and unsure. And that’s what I love about blogging, it’s that I can just talk about anything I want because this is MY space and I’m not forcing someone to listen to me. Even if no one reads my stuff, I become happy just by sharing it.

    When I read your question, the first thing that came to my mind was blogging. Then I thought, WHY do I love blogging, and I realised this. I never thought that I loved talking before.

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    • Jemima says:

      Lol, I love talking too. You sound like a great conversationalist. It’s great that you’re eager and willing to open up about things because most people are so closed of nowadays. I’m sure when you do get into a relationship, y’all’ll (I love typing this! And saying it!) be totally communicative because you’d actually talk things through rather than being cold and distant. And when a guy is into you, he wants to know everything about you so that works out well for both of you! I don’t think you’d be troubling your friends when you talk to them, so far you let them talk about themselves too. That’s what friendship is and they should know the type of person you are and accept it. Blogging is the best when you do it for you. I’m glad the question gave you some introspection.
      All the best

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  4. shar says:

    NEVILLE IS THE ACTUAL BEST. And it’s like everybody forgot about how he could have been the Boy Who Lived? He’s so cool (and the standing up to your friends in books one =DYING). Like you, I like a zillion things. I love the flute and the amazing sound it makes (net necessarily produced by me but whatever), I love shiny piano keys and the sound they can make (again, this isn’t necessarily me), I love books and the way they transport you, I love warm fires, I love the feeling of running. (This isn’t necessarily elaborating on one thing I love but hey I’m a rebel)

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    • Jemima says:

      He really is such an underrated character. I don’t like that J. K. Rowling stuck him with Hannah Abbott, especially when we didn’t know all that much about her. I feel him and Ginny would have been a better couple. And, hey who knows, if he had been the Boy Who Lived, she would have been all over him so there’s that. Well I hope Hannah makes him happy and listens to him talk about plants and gets him books and new species of plants and all that. He deserves it, the little snowflake.
      I like music instruments too especially for the sounds they make. I’ve gotten into hearing the sax lately.
      Books… yes. Just yes. I’m so doing a post on books on of these days.
      Warm fires are brilliant. I always picture comfort as snuggled up in front of a warm fireplace, watching TV or reading a book or watching the snow/rain fall with a cup of hot chocolate and just… being.
      Gosh, running. I guess I like the exhilaration aspect of it but I just lack the stamina.

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  5. Kate says:

    I can understand having so many things I like as well as that feeling of trying not to worry about people’s opinions but it /still/ gets to you. I also hate that feeling.
    I like to read books and be amazed at how animation works and art in general. I love looking up in the sky and taking photographs of the beauty of ordinary things and the idea that if you look close enough you’ll see there is something good in every little thing. I like words and music and how interrelated these two are but then so many things in life is interrelated if one just cares enough to see the connection. See, in my case, it’s not writing about all the things I love that I have a problem with, it’s that nagging thought that being passionate with different, varying things would seem ‘nonsense’. That I won’t be able to love all of them specifically, if that makes any sense. That I’ll have to choose a few and let go of the rest because I get this impression that the world won’t have a space to offer me for all of my passions.
    Sorry if that was confusing, your post really brought some deep thoughts out 😅

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    • Jemima says:

      That’s so delightful. I think the fact that you have many interests is brilliant. It’s kinda like having… a lot of kids or friends. Sure you can’t give all of them the same amount of attention all the time but when it comes down to it, you do still give them the attention they require.
      Books are wonderful and animation is so great! I really love the little details (like the reflection in someone’s eye or the stitching on a coat) because you can just see how much work went into it and the final product is just very inspiring.
      I like looking at the sky because it calms me down. Especially if it’s a cloudy day (staring directly into the sun wouldn’t exactly calm me down). The fact that the sky is so grand and all encompassing just makes my problem seem… minute in comparison.
      I like that you see beauty in everything.
      Words and music are great because with words it’s just 26 letters and with music it’s also letters but with different meaning behind them and all you have to do is rearrange them in different ways and you can end up with something brilliant.
      I’m glad this post made you reflect and your comment was very delightful so thank you 😊

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      • Kate says:

        That’s exactly how I would’ve described having multiple passions! And yes, it’s that attention to the small details that I really love about animation and art. I love cloudy skies as well, especially when there’s little glimpses of the blue sky behind those fluffy clouds!
        Thank YOU for writing this post; it made my morning 😊

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  6. Luna says:

    this is such a true and amazing post. the bit about Neville is perfect, and i’m so glad he became prof of herbology ^_^ anyways, i love music. whether i’m listening to it or creating it, i freaking love music. it can capture what words can’t in such an expressive way. even if the lyrics aren’t particularly meaningful just the beat and the riffs can make me happy or sad in the blink of an eye, and i guess nothing else makes you want to join in quite like music. music is like an always-accessible hug.

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  7. thisusernameistakenorisit says:

    Surprisingly, I don’t have a passion. I’m but I’m hell-bound on finding it. Might be writing. Might be strategy. Pretty sure it’s procrastination.

    I’ve got multiple friends like Neville (whom you described in your post), feels nice to be around people passionate about something.

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    • Jemima says:

      Sure, I know it’s not easy to find your passion. So you should explore. Take some classes. Watch YouTube tutorials. There are so many brilliant things to do in life and I’m sure you’ll be great at, at the very least, one of them.
      Who knows, maybe you have a hidden penchant for knitting picture frames or sculpting marble. Part of the fun is in finding out. Good luck. Yeah it is nice to be around passionate people, they’re just that much more interesting.


  8. nkdwhtguy says:

    Music is what I like….I think because I can find songs that fit my mood, or songs that say what it is I’m trying to say..I’m amazed at musicians’ and other artists who can make this happen. To be that talented/gifted………….:)

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