Past Year Resolutions 

Even though I’m not making any definite resolutions for this year (aside from a general Have a Great Year plan that doesn’t involve any specific actions), I’m going to recap on my 2016 Resolutions (or 2016 To Do List, as it is titled in my journal)

2016 To-Do List

  • Do a full split

Yup, I achieved this one.The whole point of my doing yoga is to improve flexibility so it’s not that much of a surprise. I was still pretty pleased when it happened for the first time though. So yay me. 

  • Learn how to play an instrument (I’m thinking guitar)

I did get a guitar and I named her Bella Belle. I had a couple of lessons with a friend of mine but I lost interest quickly because the strings hurt my fingers and my nails kept getting in the way and I’m a weak ass lil’ bitch. 

  • Finish (or make substantial progress in) writing something 

I feel like I write this in all my resolutions but lol, nope. 

  • Explore other hobbies (Maybe blogging or something)

Whoop, totally did this one. And I actually like it so that’s nice for me. 

  • Get a 5.0 GPA

I didn’t even know this was part of my resolutions. Unfortunately, thanks to one miserable C, this resolution was not achieved. Ah well, there’s always this year. 
That’s it for my last year resolutions. 

Did you achieve all your last year resolutions? Any resolutions for this year? Leave me a link in the comments below. 


24 thoughts on “Past Year Resolutions 

  1. lauratheleo says:

    Kudos to you and congrats on the resolutions you accomplished! And hey, believe in the right to make mistakes, lose everything and try again! You’ll find your path as it’s drawn 🙂 All the best.

    If you care to check out my page I appreciate the love!

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