50 Ways To Deal With One Of Those Days 

You ever have one of those days? I should think everybody has, right? 

Those days where nothing is wrong but nothing feels right either. 

Technically speaking, there’s no cause for unhappiness but you’re not happy all the same. 

Let’s call them… Tapioca days. 

Because, for me, it feels like swimming in a big vat of tapioca: too heavy, too much effort and just weird. 

So – because I do honestly feel like it is possible to be in charge of your emotions and the only person who can bring you down is you – I have drafted a list of things to do for these dreary tapioca days. 

Of course I know there are people who have valid mental issues and it’s not so easy for them to control their emotions but, if you can help it, here you go:

  1. Listen to music 
  2. Arrange your clothes by colour
  3. Read a book
  4. Watch a movie
  5. Pet an animal
  6. Play with crayons
  7. Draw something random
  8. Write down anything
  9. Smile at strangers
  10. Play dress up
  11. Experiment with make up
  12. Eat junk food
  13. Cook something new 
  14. Take a quiz online 
  15. Go for a walk by yourself
  16. Visit a book shop
  17. Watch people
  18. Buy something pretty
  19. Pick flowers
  20. Rearrange furniture
  21. Complement someone
  22. Take pictures
  23. Act like a tourist
  24. Eat Nutella out of the jar 
  25. Laugh at your own jokes
  26. See a play
  27. Meditate
  28. Take a video of yourself
  29. Do a DIY project
  30. Dance around your room
  31. Go to a park
  32. Play on swings
  33. Craft something 
  34. Jump on your bed
  35. Play the Lava game
  36. Chew gum
  37. Talk to someone new
  38. Do yoga
  39. Fly a kite
  40. Climb a tree
  41. Make handprints
  42. Go to an art gallery
  43. Practice breathing techniques
  44. Blow bubbles
  45. Sing along to a musical
  46. Visit a museum
  47. Talk in accents
  48. Remodel something
  49. Take a deep breath
  50. Enjoy nature

    What do you do when you’re feeling down in the dumps? 


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