Those Weird Feelings 

​Does anybody ever get these weird feelings? 

Like when you head out of your house and you start feeling like you left the gas on or a tap running even though you know you didn’t because you doublechecked everything because you know you’ll get that feeling when you leave?

Or you’re driving over a bridge or a deep gorge and you start feeling like you should just drive into it because, even though you’re not suicidal, you just wonder how it would feel for the split seconds you’re in the air?
Or how it would feel to have a near death experience and you wonder how people would react if you died and you sort of plan your eulogy and funeral processions in your head?
If a fire or a flood wiped out your every earthly possessions and you had to start all over again from scratch?
It’s the weirdest thing because you don’t want these things to happen to you but at the same time you can’t help but wonder what it would be like if they did.

It’s that niggling feeling you have in the back of your head when everything is going great and you’re just waiting for something to come along and ruin it because surely life can’t be going this smoothly. 

Or is it just me who gets this way? 

Let me know. 

Do you ever feel like this? 


15 thoughts on “Those Weird Feelings 

  1. Tony Michele says:

    Yup. It’s not only you. Sometimes, I get that did I lock that, turn off that kinda feeling. I usually heed to it too. But never to the I wonder what it feels like trying to swim against the tide of the sea even though I can’t swim 😆.

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  2. Fadire Yinka says:

    Lol, I get the feeling of almost everything in this post especially the part of leaving the gas on…….my brother calls me crazy everytime i bring it up.
    Am glad to know am not alone☺☺


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